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Nabi means “butterfly” in Korean and just like a butterfly, life is perpetual movement.  Not only is it un-rhythmic movement but it is also constant change. After all, things live by moving and gaining strength as they go.  This poignant concept is beautifully depicted in the Anonymous tale/proverb about the struggle of a butterfly, paraphrased here:

A child found a caterpillar while playing outside and brought it home to watch it transform into a butterfly.  As time passed and the process of metamorphic change began, the child noticed the now butterfly was struggling to be released from a small hole from what seemed like its prison. 

The child, confused and only wanting to help the desperate butterfly, cut the cocoon so the butterfly could be freed!  This cocoon, however, was not a prison of challenge like the child concluded but a vessel of transformational strength.  

Shocked by events contrary to what he had hoped, the child witnessed the butterfly struggling even more once “freed”.  It had a swollen body and shrinking wings. He later learned that the butterfly must go through this vital metamorphic change on its own in order to develop the strength it needs to fly. Without this period of struggle, the butterfly will never become what it always was meant to be, free. 

As the Chinese proverb echo’s: The butterfly becomes only when it's entirely ready.

Here at Nabi Movement, we aim for our patients to be just that, free and ready.


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